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Water Resources

​The ability to identify different lithologies, depositional environments, formation changes, and guide fossils is critical to matching field conditions to the geologic conditions anticipated during the planning stages of a well drilling program. Intermediate and final construction details are predicated on the hydrogeologic conditions commonly associated with different formations. Our licensed professionals are supported by a team of graduate geologists experienced in processing drilling data from the field that can be used to make these determinations, ensuring a successful well construction program.

Construction & Testing

Extensive planning is essential to designing a construction and testing program for
any well. The costs associated with today’s large well construction projects do not allow for correcting mistakes on the fly. Knowledge of local geology and properly identifying geologic formations and aquifer testing during construction promotes efficient completion of the construction project.  Knowledge of well site geology is a vital skill that L.S. Sims & Associates has and utilizes for each well construction project. There is very little that can compensate for the lack of experience during construction and testing of a well.

Hydrogeological expertise is one of our core competencies. We support our 
clients’development and use of groundwater resources through consumptive 
use, environmental resource permitting, and well design and 
construction supervision.

  • Well and wellfield design and computer modeling

  • Permitting

  • Well construction & testing

  • Well stimulation / revitalization

Well and Wellfield Design and Computer Modeling

Design of a wellfield, or collection of several supply wells that withdraw groundwater for domestic consumption or industrial uses, requires careful planning to ensure the performance of individual wells do not interfere with the performance of other individual wells in the well field. L.S. Sims & Associates uses computer models to predict how these individual wells interact and their combined effects on the local and regional groundwater resource. 

Stimulation / Revitalization

After a well has been constructed or has been in service for some time, stimulation or revitalization may be desirable to increase the well’s production capability. Acidization and hydraulic fracturing are two common techniques that will often increase a well’s production capability by 25-100%.

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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and five separate Water Management Districts in Florida along with local regulatory bodies; regulate use of groundwater and surface water resources in Florida. These agencies generally require permits (dependent on volume and intended use) before the construction and use of a well or wells can begin. L.S. Sims & Associates has extensive permitting experience which streamlines the process and associated costs of delivering safe and sustainable water supply.