​Environmental Consulting

​​Field Support

Our field crews are fully trained and experienced in standard operating procedures. Our Field Support teams have the flexibility and agility to meet any of our clients’ site assessment needs, whether it requires immediate mobilization for a small job, or the planning and execution of a large sampling campaign with multiple drillers and mobile labs. We maintain a focus on safety in accordance with company, client, and site safety requirements, and understand that safety goes hand-in-hand with quality.

L.S. Sims & Associates maintains teaming and partnering relationships with a variety of consulting firms, law firms, drillers, and analytical laboratories to ensure we provide the right resources to help our clients achieve their site assessment goals at highly competitive costs.

Our experience includes the entire life-cycle of environmental remediation projects, from Site Assessment and Remedial Design to Remedial Construction, Operation & Maintenance, and Site Closure. We have applied a wide variety of in-situ technologies (see Remediation and Remediation Projects). This Site Remediation experience allows us to think through to site closure early in the process and ensure we identify and collect the information needed for efficient site assessment, and to plan, model, and monitor the effectiveness of remedial alternatives where necessary. This focus on the “end game” helps our field crews work more efficiently, and helps our clients achieve site closure while saving time and money.

L.S. Sims & Associates has extensive experience with multi-party sites. Our experience with contaminant fate and transport allows us to differentiate contaminant contribution by multiple parties and defend our clients’ interests, and can often be supported by simulation modeling. We provide expert witness testimony through our Regulatory and Litigation Support services when needed.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate

L.S. Sims & Associates completes non-invasive Environmental Site Assessments to help our clients understand and manage their risks associated with commercial real estate transactions. Our services are based on standard practices as applied to our client’s needs

For clients seeking Landowner Liability Protection (LLP) under CERCLA (e.g., innocent landowner defense) we apply Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM E 1527-05) and Standards and Practices for all Appropriate Inquiries (40 CFR Part 312). For clients with more limited needs, the use of Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Analysis (ASTM E1528 -06) may afford more flexibility or reduce costs.

Whether the project is for an individual sites or a portfolio of sites, or whether the ESA is part of a larger due diligence or closure effort, LSSA delivers value through quality work products that define risks associated with commercial real estate transactions.

Petroleum Site Assessment

L.S. Sims & Associates has specialized in petroleum site assessment and remediation. We have removed storage tanks and petroleum source contamination, assessed sites and remediated petroleum sites throughout the southeastern U.S. We understand how petroleum products behave in the subsurface, the constituents in petroleum products, and how they weather and migrate in subsurface conditions.

We provide clients and prospective clients with an initial consultation to develop a scope of work and cost estimate for the level of effort to characterize the absence, potential, and actual extent of contamination in accordance with state and local requirements. In Florida, we are an approved petroleum vendor to the State of Florida Department of Environmental Regulations’ Petroleum Clean-up Preapproval Program. Our initial consultation in Florida can include an evaluation and rescore of the site score to assess eligibility into the program.

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Site Assessment

​Central Florida and Beyond

L.S. Sims & Associates has expansive knowledge and experience in Central Florida. Our Site AssessmentRemediationDeep Well Injection, and Water Resource experience in Central and Southern Florida affords us in-depth expertise in the geology, hydrogeology, and geochemistry of our own backyard.

We have completed soil, groundwater, and site assessments; characterized a wide variety of environmental settings and contaminant migration pathways; and developed & implemented groundwater monitoring programs throughout the southeastern U.S.