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There are a number of critical issues for any Class I Injection Well program, including:

  • Injection Zone – Well must accept fluids

  • Confinement – Must be present between the injection zone and drinking water supplies

  • Mechanical Integrity – Well itself cannot facilitate vertical migration of fluids

  • Testing Results (during construction) - Must prove the first three conditions exist.

This knowledge and experience is crucial to proper planning, design, construction and evaluation(s) of deep well and aquifer performance tests required to meet the permit requirements and regulatory requirements. L.S. Sims & Associates provides expert support in all stages of a deep well project, including:

  • Design

  • Permitting

  • Construction & Testing

  • System Start-Up and Commissioning

  • Operation Support

  • Mechanical Integrity Testing (MIT)

  • Rehabilitation

L.S. Sims & Associates has extensive experience with deep injection well technology. We have detailed knowledge of regional geology and experience with well installations throughout South Florida. Our experience affords us expert knowledge of regulatory requirements, unmatched experience in permitting deep wells, and outstanding working relationships and credibility with regulatory agency personnel.

Like a sponge with large cavities, Florida’s surface sediments and the deeper cavernous rock formations can give up (and accept) enormous volumes of water. These geologic conditions are what make groundwater resources in Florida unique in the world. These unique conditions allow us to construct water wells that provide as much as 3,000 gallons per minute or more of drinking water, and injection wells that can accept 15,000 gallons per minute of wastewater. Proper design, planning and implementation of construction and testing programs for large diameter, deep wells must account for the unique characteristics of the geology to be successful.

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