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Kiel T. Sims - Project Scientist

Mr. Sims is a Project Scientist with over 5 years of experience in environmental site assessment, contamination assessment and remediation, groundwater and soil sampling, source removal, and injection/agricultural supply well projects.  His graduate education at Florida State University was focused on environmental contamination, aquifer hydrogeology, coastal oceanography, and Florida geology​. Mr. Sims' responsibilities with LSSA include data analysis and project report drafting, Underground Injection Control permitting, data logging and sample collection and analysis during injection well construction, business development, field sampling, and site assessment.​ 

with reliable, quality-oriented consulting firms and subcontractors. From its roots as a specialty Florida groundwater and environmental consulting firm, today LSSA provides turnkey solutions for a long list of Industrial, Commercial, Federal, Municipal, and State clients across the Southeast United States and beyond. LSSA’s Principals and Associates are listed below:

Mr. Robert Schatzman, P.G. - Senior Project Manager

Mr. Schatzman is a registered professional geologist (FL) with more than 10 years of professional consulting experience. Mr. Schatzman has worked under the direct supervision of Larry Sims on a wide variety of contamination assessment and remediation projects including EPA Superfund sites, FDEP petroleum and mineral sites, publicly owned treatment work sites, and other remediation sites located in Central Florida. He served as project geologist for the permitting, construction, and testing of Class I injection well projects, with responsibility for well contractor oversight, core evaluation, core analysis, geophysical log evaluation, conducting straddle packer tests, preparation of lithological logs, and evaluation of vertical survey data. He has conducted Mechanical Integrity Tests for injection wells, including radioactive tracer surveys, video surveys and casing pressure tests.
His areas of expertise include:

  • Groundwater Quality Assessment

  • Groundwater Flow Modeling

  • Groundwater Remediation Site Operation & Maintenance

  • Lithological Interpretation

  • Geophysical Log Interpretation

  • Data Quality Assurance and Control

  • Aquifer Performance Testing & Analysis

  • Project Management

Dawnette Cobourne-Danner - Project Geologist

​Since graduating from the University of South Florida, Mrs. Cobourne-Danner has worked for L.S. Sims and Associates, Inc. as a consulting Geologist.  Since the start of her 11 years of employment at LSSA, Mrs. Cobourne-Danner has conducted injection well permitting, well construction/testing and reporting at many of the Class 1 Injection Well Facilities in Central and South Florida.  She has conducted due diligence site assessments, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Additionally, Mrs. Cobourne-Danner has completed many projects involving groundwater quality assessment, monitor well construction, groundwater remediation system construction oversight and startup and maintenance at contamination sites in Central Florida. She regularly interprets laboratory data, quality assurance and conducts analysis, and reporting.  Over the past 5 years Mrs. Cobourne-Danner’s duties at LSSA have grown to include project management of several groundwater contaminated sites within Central Florida which involve project interaction with clients and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  

L.S. Sims & Associates (LSSA) was founded by Lawrence S. Sims, P.G. and wife and business partner Linda K. Sims in 1994 in Melbourne, Florida. The firm was incorporated in November 1997 and relocated to Melbourne Beach, Florida in 1998 until January of 2002 when the company moved to its current location in Rockledge, Florida.

​Prior to founding the company in 1994, Mr. Sims was the Melbourne, FL office manager for one of the country’s most prestigious groundwater firms with expertise in hydrogeology, contamination assessment, and deep well injection. Over the years, the firm’s capabilities have grown steadily as the Sims have hired licensed and certified associates and developed teaming arrangements 

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Linda K. Sims - President

Mrs. Sims is the President of LSSA, responsible for managing all aspects of the business, including accounting, administration, technical project support, and business development. Prior to co-founding LSSA, Ms. Sims had over 17 years of experience managing business operations, including state insurance claim adjustor, construction office manager, and real estate sales. Since 1994, Ms. Sims has maintained a personal involvement in projects to ensure customer satisfaction, including understanding customer requirements, establishing responsive project scopes of work, defining project level of effort and budgets, and supporting the execution of project deliverables to ensure the business supports the needs of LSSA customers

Lawrence S. Sims, P.G. - Vice President/Senior Geologist

Mr. Sims is a registered professional geologist (FL and TN) with over 35 years of professional experience, including more than 30 years in Florida. Mr. Sims began his career in the oil & gas industry before serving as hydrologist for the St. John’s River Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (former DER). He served on, and later chaired, the Technical Advisory Committee for Underground Injection Control (UIC) Projects. He returned to his consulting roots in 1985 and founded LSSA in 1994. Mr. Sims is an Adjunct Professor of Geology at Eastern Florida State College. Mr. Sims’ areas of expertise include:

  • Hydrologic evaluations of contaminated sites

  • Geochemistry

  • Design / Management of Remediation Programs

  • DNAPL Characterization, Fate, and Transport

  • Underground Injection Control

  • Water supply and Water Resources Development / Management

  • Regulatory Negotiations

  • Expert Testimony

Mr. James E. McGrath, P.G. - Senior Geologist

Mr. McGrath is a registered Professional Geologist (FL) and a Senior Associate with LSSA. Mr. McGrath began his career in the Gulf Coast oil & gas industry, and has spent over 25 years as a consulting geologist in the State of Florida on water resource, deep well injection, contamination assessment, and environmental permitting and compliance projects. Mr. McGrath has managed a variety of field operations, remedial construction and corrective action, and groundwater monitoring projects including the removal of heavy metals, creosote, and pesticide-contaminated soil from manufacturing and agricultural sites. Mr. McGrath authored the Underground Injection Control Section of the Florida Chamber’s Environmental Permitting Handbook, and was appointed to Florida’s High Technology and Industry Council to develop waste minimization protocols and promote waste minimization. Mr. McGrath’s areas of expertise include:

  • Hydrogeologic Evaluations of Contaminated Sites

  • Remedial Construction / Initial Remedial Action

  • Bioremediation

  • Underground Injection Control

  • Wellfield Development and Rehabilitation

  • Environmental Site Assessment

Jonathan Zientarski - Senior Field Technician

Jonathan Zientarski is a senior field technician and leads our field support services.  Mr Zientarski began his career in the Air force as a bioenvironmental technician , and has spent over 16 years as an environmental technician with experience in both chlorinated solvents and pertroleum sites.  In addition to all aspects of field sampling, Jonathan performs operation and maintenance of several treatment systems located throughout central Florida.  To include air stripping, AS/SVE and advanced oxidation treatment systems.  ​

Roger E. Mayfield P.E. - Senior Engineer

Mr. Mayfield is a registered professional engineer (FL, GA, IN, NY, NC, PR, SC, TN) with over 30 years of professional engineering and project management experience. Mr. Mayfield is a senior associate at LSSA. His experience includes evaluation and design of waste treatment systems for industrial facilities, studies and remedial design for hazardous waste and contaminated sites, and a variety of solid waste management and disposal projects. His areas of expertise include:

  • Industrial Waste Treatment

  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Design

  • Waste Treatment Start-up & Operations

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Landfill Construction & Closure

  • Leachate Treatment and Disposal

  • Contaminated Site Remediation

  • Program & Construction Management

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Pollution Prevention Studies

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